LOVANOVA new album "APACHALYPSE" available NOW!

LOVANOVA jazz prog groove music

LOVANOVA jazz prog groove music

LOVANOVA jazz prog groove musicLOVANOVA jazz prog groove musicLOVANOVA jazz prog groove music

 Brand new album APACHALYPSE available NOW!

Lovanova plays "Day 4 of 9" at Chill on the Hill

Special thanks to special guests! Jayne Joyce on vocals, Saxy Matt Ostlund on saxophone, and David Wake on Hammond. Enjoy! 





In their 4th release Lovanova moves towards analog/digital synthesis with songs that invoke ‘70s grooves circuit-bent into the 22nd Century. Lovanova combines jazz prog and groove music into danceable songs performed with a multimedia live show. Get the album HERE!

Songwriter Evil "Pach" Kneevers plays the Hammond organ and synthesizers, and is a veteran musician/producer from Milwaukee with hundreds of album credits including Killdozer, The Electric Hellfire Club, Size 5s, Zor, Reflection of Flesh, Distant Cuzins, TheyGuanUs, Wax Lips, and many more.


Guitarist Sean Williamson brings unique, fiery phrasing and currently performs with Velocihamster, Sam Llanas, and Kyle Feerick. Sean is endorsed by EMG Pickups, Morrell Lap Steels, Bogner Amps & Option Knob, Inc. 

Bass player Joey Carini lends his angular textures as heard in his work with Fever Marlene, Willy Porter, Boxcar and others. 

Providing rock solid drum kit work is Dave Schoepke who also performs with Stomata, Tweed, Willy Porter, Natalia Zukermann, Moloko Shivers, and Afro-Beat ensemble Tristan Royalty Squad. 


Lovanova's 2012 release "Cabinova" for your listening pleasure.


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